Kundalini Yoga for Women, 11.03.19 – 01.07.19, Wien

Kundalini Yoga for Women is a class designed to strengthen, energize and center a woman’s body.

The kriyas help you to feel strong, the meditations bring stillness to your body and help to relax and release tension.

Every class consists of a kriya (asanas), pranayama (breathwork), meditation and chanting.

This semesters‘ focus will on THE BASICS of Kundalini Yoga. We’ll dive deeper into the yogic teachings and will explore topics such as radiance, yogic lifestyle, body nourishment and more.
I’d love to see you in the Kundalini Yoga for Women class!

Price: 250€ whole class
Early-Bird until 11.02.19: 230€

Where? Across the Universe, Piaristengasse 18, 1080 Wien
When? Mondays, 18.30h – 20.00h
Dates: 15x, 11.03.19 until 01.07.19 (except 22.04., 10.06.)

I am looking forward to connecting and deeping your practice with you!